Investing in cinema or film allows you access to all the benefits of product placement along with a potential return on the investment, potential tax break and a potential residual income.

Product Integration

The next time you watch a movie, try to keep an eye out for products or brand-names you recognize. Product placement gives a brand exposure by placing it into the set or storyline of an established entertainment vehicle, in our case - FILM.


At Phoenix Films the aim is not to merely place products but to ensure that products and brands are seamlessly integrated into the film's narrative. The purpose of product integration is to stitch the brand into the film. Phoenix films pay detailed attention to the brand objectives, budget and exposure requirements put forward by the particular company when integrating the brand's name, logo, message and/or products into scenes and shots from the particular film.


It doesn’t stop there. At Phoenix Films products and brands are integrated and activated through involvement with the associated sponsorships and extended advertising after the movie's release.


We sell you what you need.


If you are interested in shooting a film in South Africa, Phoenix Films is committed to the provision of top quality production services to the film industry. We offer a full spectrum of pre-production, production and post-production services in both HD and SD, international and local delivery.