DVD 4043

Status - Now On DVD

Studio - Valhalla Productions

Director - Darrell Roodt

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein, Christianne Bennetto, Dries Maree

Screenplay - Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo

Genre - Romantic Comedy

Language - Afrikaans with English subtitles


Louis van Est is a professional when it comes to the anatomy of the human body, yet he knows nothing about the condition of the human heart.


This GP is not your stereotypical clean cut, hotshot doctor, in fact he retreats home to his laptop where he escapes from his bland life to a world where a certain “Natgrassterrekyker” (Dewswardstargazer) inspires him to discover a part of his personality that he has always known to exist, yet never had the courage to explore. Ella Gouws, a straightforward, no holds barred speaking thirty year old, has been wounded by love one too many times. She has made a pact with herself to never allow anyone close enough to break her already broken heart, again.


Except for Ella’s chat buddy with whom she shares her dreams, thoughts and philosophies.


Magriet Gouws, Ella’s younger sister, is fervently planning the wedding of the year to take place during the silly season that is Christmas.


As Christmas draws closer and wedding arrangements contribute complications of their own, conversations between “Natgrassterrekyker” and her mystery man cover everything apart from personal details.


Ella starts to fall madly in love with the prince on the other side of the screen. Until he decides that they should meet.


Hesitant, Ella agrees.


However meeting someone you feel so familiar with, face to face can have unforeseen implications and complications. What happens when a doctor meets a broken-hearted star gazer?

  • Erica Wessels
  • Bouwer Bosch
  • Lika Berning
  • Paul du Toit
  • Rika Sennet
  • Stefan Ludik
  • Lizz Meiring
  • Marlee van der Merwe
  • Chanell van den Bergh
  • JC Snooke
  • Charlie Bourgenon
  • Deon Coetzee
  • Johan Scholtz
  • Annette Engelbrecht
  • Shaleen Surtie Richards
  • Marze van der Heever
  • Carly Baily Natasen
  • Richard van der Westhuizen
  • Heinrich Marnitz
  • Cobus Visser
  • Lizz Meiring
  • Candice Weber
  • Jakkie Groenewald
  • Odelle De Wet
  • Magda van Biljon
  • Dirk Vermeulen
  • Elisha De Meyer
Target Audience



LSM 7-10




60% Female / 40% Male



Afrikaanse Films

  • Film of the year
  • Darrell Roodt: Director of the year
  • Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo: Writer of the year



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  • Free Dolphin International - China

Cinema: 42 Screens




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