Status - Now On DVD

Studio - Valhalla Productions

Director - Neels Clasen

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein, Dries Maree, (Danie Bester)

Screenplay - 

Genre - Comedy

Language - English


The Land of Milk and Money takes a satirical look at a contemporary South Africa and makes use of a combination of situational, physical and sketch comedic devices in order to tell the story of three characters searching for their own Land of Milk and Money.


If one had to describe the type of comedy content it would be something between Trevor Noah’s hugely popular stand-up comedy and Leon Schuster’s iconic candid camera. Stylistically the references would be The Dictator meets Monty Python. Leon Schuster and Trevor Noah are both masters of comedy and have perfected the art of exploring various cultural, socio-economic differences and stereotypes in a hilarious and highly entertaining way. It is our aim to be as entertaining, hilarious, relevant and accessible to an audience whilst bringing The Land of Milk and Money to life.


The film follows the antics of three accidental time travellers who each represent a different segment of society - a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim. In the distant past they discover a map to the The Land of Milk and Money, but after a feud in the jail, where they unfortunately reside, the three charlatans each end up with a third of the torn map. This forces them to work together in order to find their way to this ‘promised land’.


They escape and follow the map to a magical waterhole. They are engulfed and torpedoed into the future. The three reluctant heroes, frightened and overwhelmed at first, quickly find their feet in modern society and learn to exploit mass media, become self-help gurus, endorse a product or two and host their own reality show, whilst on their way to find The Land of Milk and Money.


The film explores the perceptions we have of others on the basis of cultural, religious and social differences in a comical and entertaining way. It also forces each of our flawed characters on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The comedy often deals with very serious issues but allows the audience to digest it in a palatable format. The scenarios created in the movie allow the audience to reflect and ponder about the world they inhabit and their perceptions of culture, identity and community.


This ‘promised land’ is a physical place where peace can be found, but more than that, it is a metaphysical place of peace inside each of us. The Land of Milk and Money will make you laugh out loud, journey with our characters, engage with their emotional turmoil, and maybe even help you find your own idea of a ‘promised land’.

  • Richard Lukunku
  • Sans Moonsamy
  • Francois Jacobs
  • Angelique Gerber
Target Audience


LSM 6-10 


50% Female / 50% Male



  • Crystal Brook DVD
  • Flourishing Films

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