Status - Now On DVD

Studio - Valhalla Productions

Director - Darrell Roodt

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein, Christianne Bennetto, Dries Maree

Language - English


~The little taxi that went up a mountain as an outsider and came down as a winner~


HAPPINESS is a young man living in the back hills of the Drakensberg. Unfortunately his parents died when he was very young and he was denied a proper education. But he never ever let that deter him. He always believed in himself and always strived to make something of himself. His name is an apt one, because he always has a sunny disposition and always looks on the bright side of life.

HAPPINESS earns a living by driving the most rickety skorokoro you’ve ever seen - he’s cobbled it together over the years and it’s barely roadworthy. Which is fine because he never uses the main roads anyway. He plies his trade on the back roads, mostly ferrying gogos and their washing, from the top of the hill to the valley down below, where they do the daily washing in the river. It’s not exactly going to make him a millionaire but it’s an invaluable community service and he finds himself pretty content with his life.

Until he falls in love with PATRICIA, that is. She’s a young woman of seventeen- shy, beautiful and smart. The attraction between them is instant-written in the stars, I believe is the best description!

The problem is, she’s the CHIEF’s DAUGHTER and HAPPINESS is way below her station. The labola on her is way too high for a lowly taxi driver like HAPPINESS. Her father demands a hundred cows for her to be married! A hundred cows! That’s a lot of money, by anyone’s stretch of the imagination!

Where’s HAPPINESS going to get that kind of money?!?

What makes matters worse for HAPPINESS that the CHIEF of the village in the next valley has set his sight on his son marrying PATRICIA. He can afford the labola and so a date is set for their marriage.

So, it becomes a race against time. How will HAPPINESS avert this catastrophe? He tries various schemes to come up with the money but nothing materialises to generate the kind of money needed to buy a hundred cows. He needs a million smackers! At least!

That’s when FOUR EYES comes to his rescue. He’s an old timer, a wanderer, living in the bush. He’s half sangoma, half mad scientist! HAPPINESS is the only man in his village who takes him seriously, sees him for what he is.

FOUR EYES replies this kindness by pointing out an advert in a newspaper that magically has come to him on the wind. It literally falls out the sky.

It’s for South Africa’s FIRST TAXI RACE!

Like the AMAZING RACE, it will traverse the length and breadth of South Africa and there can be only one winner.

Now you can imagine that a race like this will attract every pimped-up TAXI in the business.

What chance does HAPPINESS have with his back roads SKOROKORO.

Oh yea of little faith, FOUR EYES admonishes him. He said he’s got a secret formula to turn HAPPINESS’s taxi into a super car!

MAQ washing powder!

HAPPINESS looks at him like he’s finally lost the last marble rolling around in his head!

But it’s the last chance he’s got and enters very reluctantly.

He soups up his skorokoro as best as he can. Puts eyelashes on the lights- even paints a number.

And all the time PATRICIA’s date of marriage is getting closer and closer!

The day of the big race arrives. Everyone laughs at HAPPINESS’s skorokoro.

He wants to give up even before he starts but FOUR EYES-his navigator for the race- insists that nothing stands in the way of true love. And the love between him and PATRICIA is the truest he’s ever seen.

And. Lo and behold, after a series of adventures and mis-adventures, the little taxi that couldn’t is the first to cross the finish line!

HAPPINESS goes straight to the market and buys two hundred cows. He and FOUR EYES interrupt the wedding proceedings. He presents the CHIEF with double the amount of cows-an offer he can’t refuse.

So, the story of HAPPINESS was written in the stars after all. He and PATRICIA get married and the skorokoro is fitted out with all the latest gadgets and features and becomes the flag ship of a brand new taxi franchise.

Like a combination of the original Herbie-THE LOVE BUG- and ROMEO AND JULIET, SKOROKORO is a hearty-warming story of the winner in all of us.

And MAQ washing powder, of course!!

  • Papiso Keogatile
  • Danisile Ntuli
  • Boikie Pholo
  • Noxolo Simayi
  • Xolile Dlamini
  • Pabolla Koza
  • Mbalenhle Zakwe
  • Meme Ditshego
  • Reine Swart
  • Vicky Kente
  • Matthew Monica
  • Linda Chaviviro
  • Jan Mokawane
  • Mthandeni Mbambo
  • Yonela Ndangaye
  • Tumi Mogapi
  • Shane Kotze
  • Tharina Botes
  • Thabo Mabaso
  • Marlee van der Merwe
  • Solomon Cupido
  • Kabelo Hutamo
  • Kamogelo Mogale
  • Allen Booi
  • Yolanda Barnard
  • Byron  Kennedy
  • Sivenathi Mabuya
  • Elzette Maarschalk
  • Charlie Bougenon
  • Graeme Kriega
  • Naomi Das
  • Jenadine Havenga
  • Ayanda Makayi
  • Chi Ndyama
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Oleboueng Mosime
Target Audience


LSM 6-10 


60% Female / 40% Male



100 000 DVD units sold




  • Skorokoro nominated Best Made for Television



  • Crystal Brook DVD
  • Flourishing Films - Caribbean Islands

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