Removed 242

Status - Pre-Production

Studio - Valhalla Productions

Director - Darrell James Roodt

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein

Genre - Supernatural Horror

Language - English

Rated - TBD


Hear No Evil is a story of Anna, a young single mother, and her daughter who is trying to survive after the rest of the town’s children has been possessed by an ancient, mysterious demon.


Anna and Joey hear a gunshot next door while staying at a gross motel in the middle of nowhere. An Iraqi soldier shot himself next door. Joey mesmerized by the corpse finds an ancient Babylonian mask.


Afraid to draw too much attention to themselves after the suicide, Anna and Joey are forced to run again. Forced to stay with a distant cousin in a barren desert town near Mississippi.


Mysterious deaths surround Joey as her mother tries to adjust to the odd characters of the small town. Violence intensifies as children seem responsible for these deaths.


Anna and Joey must survive the sinister town’s possessed children while struggling to face their troubled past.


Jamie Bernadette

Reine Swart

Luthuli Dlamini

Elle Sunkara

Target Audience