Removed 512

Status - Pre-Production

Studio - Phoenix Films & Valhalla Productions

Director - Darrell James Roodt

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein

Screenplay - Darrell James Roodt

Genre - Supernatural Horror

Language - English

Anticipated Release Date - 2019


Based in rural Louisiana, Billy “Black Snake” Malone wants to be the greatest blues man to ever live, he is desperate.

So desperate that at midnight on the 31st of October, in true delta voodoo fashion, he conjures the Devil at a crossroads to strike up a deal. Fame and fortune for his soul. With his meteoric rise to fame comes everything this blues legend could ever want.  

10 years later, the Devil comes to collect. Not willing to give up his, Billy realizes that a soul is a soul is a soul and so begins his murder spree. This abruptly ends when he meets the love of his life.

As fate would have it, Billy’s time is up again and the Devil comes to collect on his marker. This time, not just any old soul will do.

This film is inspired by the legend of Robert Johnson.



Target Audience



30% Female, 70% Male