Removed 562

Status - Pre-Production

Studio - Phoenix Films & Valhalla Productions

Director - Darrell James Roodt

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein

Screenplay - Darrell James Roodt

Genre - Thriller

Language - English

Anticipated Release Date - 2019


When a perfect family’s life gets thrown upside down, a grief-stricken mother sets out on a path of vengeance with the main goal being to clear her husband’s name and avenge the death of her two sons. We meet a power couple, grounded by their Faith and guided by their moral values. However they are soon confronted with a harsh reality brought about by lies, deceit and murder. When Charlize’s husband is wrongfully jailed for money laundering she is determined to track down those who framed him. But Charlize is carrying the burden of a mother who has lost her two children due to an accident near a lake. The haunting question is “How do two highly qualified swimmers, drown?” Charlize goes from the perfect, moral compass, soft-natured mother to a woman filled with scorn and hatred. She will stop at nothing to regain the life she had or at least some parts of it. In order to become unstoppable, she undergoes a complete psychological mind shift, losing most of what made her the woman everyone, including her husband, had fallen in love with.

Would you go to any length to help those closest to you?

How far is too far?

Can acts done in love and good intention, no matter how wrongful, be forgiven



Target Audience



30% Female 70% Male